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From the young age, almost all of us tried at least once to do gardening at our lawn or rooftop to grow some fresh veggies or flowers. But most of us failed and never dare to attempt the same venture again.

Several points were good enough to give up the dream of growing our produce at home. One of them is a time drought to look after those tiny lives and another one is a phobia grows within; that the plant we touch will die or discouraged to do gardening in lack of space. Reasons are many, but the solution was scarce. But not anymore!

How does indoor, muddle free, fast-growing garden sounds? Sounds exciting right? And does Aerogrow ring any bell to the ears? Yes, Aerogrow is the pioneer and manufacturer of an indoor gardening system called AeroGarden

This innovative gadget solves all the problems that were making gardening difficult. Aerogarden certainly creates hype for those who want to grow veggies, lettuce, and herbs year-round thus allowing them to grow fresh veggies indoors. Having real, live plants growing right in the comforts of your kitchen is such an amusement. And, the best thing is, you don’t have to care for them!

What is Aero Garden and how it Works?

With an Aerogarden, you can produce almost anything in anywhere, and anytime. There will be no need for dirt, weeds, and gardening experience at all, yet aero garden supplies everything fresh and firm.

Aerogardens make gardening stress-free and straightforward. This device will tell when it’s time to add water and nutrients, and it has a simulator grow light that automatically dims or bright the light according to plants need.

An Aerogarden is a hydroponic indoor garden system that can be set up anywhere. These hydroponic organisms allow you to grow lavish indoor gardens right on your kitchen bench, bedroom, office, or wherever you want. You can harvest any plant from an excellent herb to an indoor vegetable frenzy with an onslaught aerogarden.

Features of an Aero Garden

Various types of aerogardens are available, and each kind of aerogarden is engineered to grow different sized plants hence it is crucial to pick the correct aerogarde nwhich is right fit according to your needs. There is no need of soil while making this type of garden, however; the aerogarden uses advanced hydroponics technology to grow plants five times faster than they would usually grow!

Every single aerogarden model is diverse in the feature, but they all have the following standard parts that help them work there, and those are given below

Aerogarden Pods

Aerogarden pods are attached to each of the models that facilitated fast germination. They are also uniquely designed to feed plant the important micro and macronutrients with necessary oxygen and water supply. The roots grow in water and air without any soil, and since they are light in weight, the pods can support the herbs as they sprout. The liquid nutrients in the water nurtured healthy roots and greener stalk. All seed pods are soil free.

Aerator Pump

Aerator pumpEach garden consists of an inbuilt pump or aerator that supplies the oxygen, water, and nutrients to the plants.

Grow Lights

Grow Light‘LightGrow’is a special featured light that helps photosynthesis process to take place and they are perfect for the job. The lighting operates by automatic software that perfectly timed lighting schedule. However, the rate of growth largely depends on the aerogarden model that you are using.

Control Panel

The aero garden control panel is another feature of this high tech gardening equipment and easier to use. Different models consist of varying control panels and elements, but the functions are the same. It will notify you when to add nutrients and when to add water, and it has a user manual that tells you exactly how much of each needs to be added.

What does it Grow?

Various herbs, veggies, and flowers you can grow in this gardening device. Whether you want to make it aero herb garden or aero flower garden, is up to you. Keep all those in mind, a list of cultivating products are given below


  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Green Beans
  • Chili Peppers
  • Ruby Heirloom Tomatoes
  • Mega Cherry Tomatoes


  • Gourmet Herbs
  • Tuscan Italian Herbs
  • South of the Border Herbs
  • Pesto Basil
  • International Herb


  • Lavender
  • Scented Blooms
  • Cascading Blooms
  • Mountain Meadow
  • English Cottage
  • Splash of Color
  • Incredible Edibles

Few Tips on Aero Garden Growing

If you already made up your mind on buying a new aero garden or already have one, this segment is for you. These products always come with an instruction manual yet there are still some tips remain hidden that only expert knows, and we are here to open that Pandora’s Box for you.

Transplant the Plants for Bigger Size

When buying such a product, you may want to grow much more than herbs. Nevertheless, if you’re going to build bigger plants, you need transplant them once they outgrow it.

Pick the Plants Wisely

Try to choose those plants, which grow faster and more significant if panted in an indoor facility.  Avoid plants that not get bigger until transplanted into bigger areas.

Trim the Seedlings

With a single seed, you can grow beautiful plants in your mini garden. Overcrowding with plants in different sizes may cause harm to every single plant by reducing the nutritious balance.

So, it is better trim back the seedlings once they have grown to the height of a few inches. Pluck the plants that are less healthy and leave the plants that have healthy growth rate.

Planting Seeds Together

Plant all the seedlings at the same time, because starting all of the seeds at the same time will increase the chance of getting better results.

Avoid Plastic Domes

You should avoid using plastic domes because they can cause mold to grow. These products perhaps came with some plastic domes, and they’re maintaining the humidity for seed germination, but since the aerogarden already providing adequate germination why you need the plastic domes for.

Keep Pruning

Prune your plants occasionally, because it is essential. Pruning will help the plants grow faster than usual. Carefully prune the plants; otherwise, it can sicken them.

Remove the Empty Pods

Within different models, popular ones come with seven pods. Sadly, the roots from the plants in some seeds can crowd other pods, so it will be wise to leave one or two pods empty beside the plants which root is making a ruckus.

 Cleanliness is Important

Change the water in your garden often. It can help you eliminate fungus, bacteria, and disease. You won’t let your new seedlings to have a contaminated, old start at life, will you?

Some of Our Favorite Aero Gardens

We assemble some of the best aerogarden models in the market, which are perfectly worthy to sit on your kitchen or office table. These are

1. Miracle-Gro Aerogarden Farm

Miracle-Gro Aerogarden FarmThis aero garden is for anyone, who has some extra space and wants to grow a large number of vegetables indoors

If you are like those who always have to have the biggest and best, then the aerogarden Farm model is perfect for you.

Key Features of the Miracle-Grow Aerogarden Farm

  • Up to 24″ grow height capacity
  • 60W LED Lighting system (automated)
  • 24 seed pods (max)
  • LCD touchscreen
  • Wi-Fi connection with the screen


  • Impressiveoutlook
  • Grows large amounts plants
  • Wi-Fi connectivity is powerful
  • The air pump is very quiet


  • Need vast space
  • The app need rework to be useful

2. Miracle-Gro Aerogarden Ultra

Aerogarden ultra is a garden for those who want a more extensive garden yet cheap. The elegant style and simple yet powerful operating module make it different from others.

Key Features of the Miracle-Grow Aerogarden Ultra

  • 30W LED Lighting system (automated)
  • Seven seed pods
  • LCD touchscreen
  • Grows five times faster than soil gardens


  • Elegant look
  • The Ultra will last many years because of its durable body
  • Control panel is highly proficient in maintaining the garden
  • The pump is very quiet


The brightness of the control panel cannot be adjusted, and it’s disturbingly bright

3. Miracle-Gro Aerogarden Sprout

Aerogarden sprout model is perfect for full space. It will have a small footprint among other decorations of the room. Sprout fits just three seed pods which are perfect for the off-the-cuffsauté.

Key Features of the Aerogarden Sprout

  • Grow up to 3 plants
  • Small footprint
  • Easy to setup
  • grow light (automated)
  • small water and nutrition measurement module


  • Has a tiny footprint, so it takes up barely any space
  • Easy to set up and use


  • Need to trim or transplant when the plants grow bigger
  • The pump is louder than average aerogarden models

4. Aerogarden Classic 6

Aerogarden Classic 6This model is perfect to set up in a small tool or on a bench in your kitchen or office cabinet. People who like small plant and want to create an aero herb garden this model is an absolute choice for them.

Key Features of the Classic 6

  • 20 watt LED light (adjustable)
  • The triangular base for easy-fit in tight corners
  • Six seed pods (max)
  • User-friendly controller screen


  • A triangular shape is great for squeezing into a corner
  • Easy to monitor the water and nutrition level
  • Quick-setup possible


  • Because of 12″, high lamp plants will grow over the surface pretty quick
  • The pump is noisier than other models

5. Aerogarden and Your Concerns about the Environment

Aerogarden and Your Concerns about the EnvironmentGarden is all about green plants, colorful flowers, and nutritious vegetables, though there is an anadditional aspect of it, it spreads a message to others that green is the primary life source of this planet earth. Modern society almost forgets this norm of mother earth. Aerogrow contributes a large amount of money in the aerogarden project to remind us about the necessity of gardens whether in the home or your workplace.

This tremendous eco-friendly product intelligently designed to commemorate our age-old planet. The nature-friendly aspects of aerogarden explained in the below segment

  • Aimed for re-use
  • Energy efficient
  • Entirely build from recyclable components
  • BPA free plastics
  • Cardboard shipping boxes are recyclable
  • Recyclable PET plastic for Bio-domes
  • Recyclable ABS plastic for grow baskets
  • Styrofoam packing replaced by formed-paperboard packing (now recyclable)
  • Growing medium changed to increase biodegradability (currently above 90%)
  • Bulk packaging implemented for retailers, reducing overwrap packaging
  • Introduction of our Master Gardener Kit and Garden Starter Tray, which have reusable Grow Domes, Baskets or Trays, as well as replaceable, 90% biodegradable, growing media
  • newly-engineered bulbswithouthidden power consumption
  • Reduced ink in all packaging


What we think of as gardening has changed a lot. Water supply arrangements, tillers, and traditional gardening are quite energy intensive. On the other side, maybe aerogardens reduces harmful carbon emissions by small numbers, but they become a role model in indoor gardening. Moreover, they are building a large number of products on significant distribution channels, so who wouldn’t usually have them. Try one of the product for yourself and tell us how it improves your living area. We will be delighted to know your comments on aero gardening

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