Albino Animals

Most probably you have seen albino humans, but have you seen any albino animals? Albino animals are scarce but beautiful animals that are a victim of a congenital disability which is known as albinism. Approximately, there are 300 species has albino members in North America which includes albino snakes, frogs, deer, and raccoons. It is believed that in every 10,000 mammals there will be a chance of 1 albino mammals to be born. So, you understand how rare albino animals are. For this reason, it is crucial to preserve albino for the sake of environmental and ecological balance.

What is Albinism?

Albinism is a sporadic genetic disorder that causes the hair, skin, and eyes to have no or very little color. It happens because of the absence of a color pigment which is known as Melanin. This term albinism also associated with the vision problem. Because of the lack of coloring pigment, the skin and hair turn white leaving the eye pink/ red and sometimes little blue with white shed. For this reason, albino black people also appear white.

Based on the calculation of National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentation, every 1 in 18,000 to 20,000 people of United States, there is an albino people. There are also different types of albinism found in human. OCA or the Oculocutaneous albinism is much common compared to the Ocular Albinism.

What is an Albino Animal?

Albino animals are very unusual and hard to find. These animals have all the characteristics of ordinary animals but come with white in color. This happens because of the lack of melanin, a coloring pigment that is responsible for the colorful effect of skin, iris of the eye and hair. Albino animals are white because their body cannot produce melanin. This lack of melanin makes their skin white. The albino eyes also turn pink or red because if the absence of this coloring pigment.

However, being white does not always mean that the animal is albino. To find out whether an animal is an albino or not, you need to check the animal’s eye. Along with white skin color, all albino animal has pink or light blue eyes.

Albino Animals Facts

Albino Animal FactsAlbino animals are the coolest but most rare animals in nature. Albinism occurs because of the absent of coloring pigment which is responsible for producing color on the skin, hair, and eyes. Read below to know more about albino animals facts;

  • Albino animals cannot produce the coloring pigment melanin. So, they appear white on the skin, eyes, and hair.
  • You can determine whether the animal is albino or not by looking at its eyes. Albino animals have pink, red and sometimes pink with light blue eyes.
  • Albinism is a genetic process, and it is caused only by a recessive gene.
  • Albino animals are extremely rare animals. It is believed that only 1 in 10,000 mammals are born with albinism.
  • A lot of Native American tribes worship albino animals, and they think albino animals are some kind of spirit animals and they have magical abilities.
  • Albino animals have a meager survival rate. They cannot hide from surroundings and become easy prey.
  • An albino animal can be pure or a partial albino animal. Pure albino animals have a white body, hair, and pink/red and sometimes blue eyes. The absent of melanin appears all over the body. Partial albino animals the skin or the far may appear patchy, or they may have only a portion of albino symptoms.

These are the most common and exciting facts about albino animals. One more thing I am going to mention in the end. Do you know a lot of people cage albino animals just to see the beauty and mystery they offer? However, this is may not be a typical scenario, but taking pictures of albino animals surely is.

Half Albino Animal

Nature can be both beautiful and weird at the same time. When coming to the fact about leucistic creatures, we know nature can amaze us with its mysterious creatures. Leucism is also another genetic disorder, highly similar to the albinism. In leucism, an animal is born with a lack of certain pigments not all of them. For this reason, they appear like a half albino animals. However, there is a big difference. These animals look like half albino because unlike albinism; leucism keeps some of the coloring pigments. For this reason, half albino animals are not albino animals at all!

In some cases, leucistic animals or half albino animals look more mysterious and unusual as they show both sides in a single form. Even though they are not actually albino, the name “half albino” is more suitable and smoother than “leucistic.”

Rare Albino Animals 

Rare Albino AnimalsWe always wonder with the beautiful colors we see in the animal kingdom. However, seeing a full white animal with pink, blue eyes is no less spectacular experience. According to a lot of people, it is a surreal experience. Sometimes, animals born with no color can be the most spectacular of all. These are animals with white skin or far and pink/red eyes are tough to find. So, if you are lucky enough to come across one of them, be sure to savor your opportunity.

These white animals are, and the no coloring effect makes them very special, maybe one in a million.

As mentioned earlier, 300 species in North America have albino members. Of course, you have seen all of them. The reason is that there are some common albino animals which can be spotted easily and some are the most unique and extremely rare. These rarest albino animals are very hard to spot. There have been sightings of albino raccoons, snakes, deer or even frogs.

The rate of albinism varies among species. For catfish it is 1 in 20,000, for birds, it is 17 in every 30,000, and as mentioned earlier, it is 1 in 10,000 for mammals. Now you understand how rare these creatures are!

Symptoms and Treatment of Albinism

Albinism is a genetic condition. If there were someone in the family had albinism, there is a chance that you will develop this disorder. For this reason, you may cure some symptoms, but the full cure is not possible. Read below to learn more about symptoms and treatment of albinism.

Symptoms of Albinism

Albinism has its own characteristics. Several signs can describe the effect of albinism. People with albinism will have the below-mentioned characteristics. Those are;

  • The Absence of Color in Skin, Eyes, and Hair
  • Very Light Color than Normal Coloring in Hair, Eyes, and Skin
  • The Skin Will Burn Easily If Stays Under the Sun
  • The Skin of A Person With Albinism Might Develop Freckles, Moles, And Lentigines
  • The Hair Can Be Complete White (If No Color Is Present) or Brown (If Light Color Is Present)
  • The Eyes Can Be Pink to Light Blue
  • Those Who Have Albinism And Vision Problem May Develop Strabismus, Nystagmus, Photophobia, Astigmatism, And Impaired Vision Or Blindness.

These are the most common symptoms found in the people who are affected by albinism. Follow closely, and you might see these symptoms who are going to be a victim of albinism.

Treatment of Albinism

As albinism is some kind of genetic disorder, there is no cure for this. However, treatment can be taken to minimize the side effects and to reduce specific symptoms. For example, who have problems with vision, must consult a doctor if he/she develops albinism.

Treatment-related to eye and skin problems includes;

  • Regular Eye Checkup
  • Prescribed Glasses for Regular Use to Correct the Eye Problems
  • Dark Glasses to Protect Eyes from the Sun
  • Protective Clothes and Sunscreen to Protect the Skin from the Sun
  • Surgery to the Skin and Eye Muscle If Needed

These are the general treatment for those who have developed albinism. However, the treatment might differ based on the situation of the patient. So, if you have albinism and already developed some complications or have risks to develop complications, you might consult the doctors on a regular basis.

Albino Animals for the Environment

We all know it is important to maintain the ecological balance. To do this, we should not let any creature to go extinct as it may create a very negative consequence to our environment. Whether it is a snake or tiger, all animals deserve to live on this planet, and all of them have a special role in keeping the balance.

Albino animals are, and they might go extinct if we do stop hunting them or cage them to preserve only the beauty. Moreover, albino animals are easy prey as they are unable to hide because of their very different white appearance. If we lose albino animals, we will not lose the most beautiful creature but also a part of the ecological balance. So, it is high time to create awareness about not kill or preserve this animal in a cage.


Albino animals are very rare, and they need protection if we want to save them. We need to stop hunting them or cage them just to entertain us. Although albinism is a disorder, that does not mean they are less critical for environmental safety. They are the part of the whole ecology, a part of the entire food chain and a beautiful member of the animal kingdom.

By reading this document, I believe you got sufficient knowledge about albino animals and the reason behind albinism. Please provide your feedback and contact with us, if you are interested in albino animals and need more information.

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