Gardening is not about making your house look more appealing. Yes, only the inclusion of a simple patch of greenery is a great addition to your property which will increase the property’s sales price besides its beauty. An abundance of scientific research pointed out that besides home beautification, taking care of plants can also do wonders for your own wellbeing. Health researchers expressed that gardening is one form of physical exercise. This type of exercise has many health benefits. A few of the of remarkable health benefits of gardening are described below:

Gardening keeps away heart diseases

Heart disease is so common now that the WHO( the world health organization) is considering to declare heart disease as an epidemic. The disease is so fatal that the affected individual can suffer sudden death even taking him to a hospital. The main reason for heart disease is the lack of physical exercise. When you are tending your plants in the garden, you are not only burning calories but also strengthening your heart muscles and thus reducing chances of heart disease.

According to webmd , which is the leading source for reliable and updated health and medical news, doing DIY projects and household works act like traditional exercise and beneficial for the heart to reduce heart attack and stroke.

Gardening is a stress reducer

Stress is the ill of our ever-busy modern life. It is the origin of many diseases including insomnia, obesity, and diabetes. Hardly have you found any person who does not experience stress? Researchers experimented on cortisol level and stress.

Cortisol is a steroid hormone released by the adrenal glands and is closely related to stress levels. Scientists found that after doing stressful work, there is a spike of cortisol level in human blood. But after performing a stress-free work like gardening, there is a sharp decline in cortisol level. So, conclusion-gardening is a great stress reducer. The health experts recommendation- after a hectic workday, jump into your family garden and your stress will melt away!

Sleep better

Do you know thousands of Americans spend sleepless nights? Less sleep or not getting quality sleep directly impacts your daily activity. You cannot perform well in your workplace and feel discomfort and drowsy all day long. In this respect, gardening ensures you will enjoy a good, quality sleep at night. No sleeping medication or no need to take paid sleeping consultancy from sleeping coaches or experts.

Enhances your hand strength

Gardening means doing activities like digging, pulling, mulching, watering and perhaps many more. Involving in all of these activities will strengthen your hand muscles. Gardening is especially beneficial people with arthritis problems to reduce their arthritic pain.

Exposure to vitamin D

Gardening lets you go outside and expose your body to sunlight. Sunlight is a good source of vitamin D. So, gardening helps you getting plenty of vitamin D which is quite beneficial for your bones.

Eating organic fruits and vegetables

One of the amazing benefits of gardening is eating chemical-free fruits and vegetables. Nowadays organic gardening is a popular concept since this gardening process ensures that you will eat toxic-free fresh vegetables and fruits. Fruits and vegetables that are cultivated with harmful chemical fertilizers and insecticides are not safe to eat since they may cause severe health problem.


Gardening is not a difficult task and can easily be incorporated into your daily activity. Thanks to the availability of a wide range of gardening tools and accessories gardening becomes an enjoyable daily core. With so many health benefits and a great eco-friendly activity, the habit of gardening will increase gradually.

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