Granite Countertops

Countertops sprang into existence during the early 1900’s and have thrived ever since people started using the countertop materials. Granite countertops were somewhat unfamiliar to most people until the 80’s, and soon the granite countertops gained the immense popularity they have these days.

The granite countertops have proven to be excellent countertop material mainly due to the durability, low maintenance, scratch proof and eco-friendly feature of the materials. This has been the prime reason for its immense popularity, and granites have retained the utmost quality and the sense of perfection for many households. This is why they’re still the first choice for many house owners.

Benefits of granite countertops

The vast popularity gained by granite countertops are mainly due to a wide range of benefits that the granite countertops offer. Let’s now discuss the benefits of granite countertops and why you should also consider using the granite countertops instead of other countertop materials.

Highly Durable

Granite countertops are well known for its durability. These can stand up against a lot of abuse without showing any signs of breaking down. Granite is an igneous rock that forms when the lava cools down and are compressed under immense pressure, which locks the atoms within the rock. This makes it one of the hardest rocks on the planet. Using granite as a countertop material can be a very good idea because these can last for a century without having to worry about the granite eroding away.

Low Maintenance

Granite countertops require minimal attention and care; you can forget them for years and they’ll remain just as new. You will only have to clean the granite countertops regularly using soap water to ensure the shine retains on them.

Wide Range Of Designs To Choose From

When granite countertops were first introduced, the designs and choices were limited to a few designs only. Through the course of history, we have been introduced to a wide range of unique and aesthetic designs to choose from. This has eased the decision making for finding a granite countertop that fits the personal preference of the homeowner.


As granite is formed from the hardening of lava, it is completely eco-friendly. Although the rock itself is eco-friendly, the mining process of the rock isn’t eco-friendly and may cause a significant impact on the ecosystem. However, the impact is not as significant as the other countertop materials, which means that it is the ‘more’ eco-friendlier rock.

Granite can replenish itself through the course of time, and given its longevity, granite is truly an eco-friendlier option for you.

Not expensive

Granites are naturally occurring stones which don’t require a lot of effort and energy to mine, indicating that the granite countertops cost lower than many other countertops. The durability of the granite countertops helps to alleviate the reasons why you would choose granite as your ‘go-to’ countertop material.

Top 5 Colors to choose from

When you’re looking for the perfect granite countertops, you may stumble upon hundreds of different colors and designs to choose from each portraying a unique sense of attraction that you won’t find in any other countertop materials. The gloss and smooth texture are more than enough to make you glaze through the magnificence of such countertop materials, and it’ll be very hard for you to decide the color that suits the aesthetics of your home.

To facilitate your decision making, we’ve brought up the top 5 colors that have been the most popular colors for granite countertops amongst homeowners. Without further ado, let’s get straight into the top 5 colors of granite countertops.

1. Azul Platino

Azul PlatinoAzul Platino is a remarkable color to choose from. Originating from Spain, it has the sneaky blue colored pebbles hidden right with the speckled pattern of black and white monotone that you won’t even notice it.

The different shades of blue hue mixed perfectly with the black and white slabs make it unique and awe-inspiring. It’s something that you won’t find in any other granite countertops!

2. Blanco Leblon

Blanco LeblonIf you’re looking for a modern looking granite countertop, you can go with the Blanco Leblon. The nondescript but interesting layers of black and white textures are surely more than enough to make you gaze through the countertop. The patterns are seemingly unparalleled to any other granite countertop that you’ll find. It’s the best choice for people who want a simplistic yet gorgeous granite countertop for their home.

3. Butterfly Beige

Butterfly BeigeIf you are looking for the classic granite countertops, the Butterfly Beige can be a perfect choice for you. These countertops have large patches of earthy, wing-like accent merged with the black and white texture. What makes the Butterfly Beige color even better is the tan, beige and gold textures smoothly mixed with the white and black texture, giving a feel of richness and complexity.

4. Santa Cecelia

The Santa Cecelia is another classic granite countertop that you can try. Having a unique mixture of brown, black and white, this particular granite countertop is something that captures the attention. The exceptional mix of the three colors give a unique feel to the Santa Cecelia and portrays a distinctive feel that can grab you right into the majestic colors of the countertop. The feeling is something that you can’t explain!

5. Luna Pearl

Originating from Italy, the Luna Pearl is the most commonly used white granite countertops. This particular granite countertop consists of grey and black colored rocks. Along with it has some accented light brown or light peach minerals. It’s a unique color and the layers of black and grey will surely grab your attention. This has been the prime reason for its popularity!

Proper Maintenance Tips For Granite Countertops

Upon installing your granite countertop, you must ensure that you’re taking proper care of the countertops. This is important if you want your countertops to last a long time. Don’t know how to take maintain granite countertops? Let’s find out!

Sealing the surface

For newer homes, the granite surfaces are already sealed by the one who has installed the granite countertop. If you find out that there is no seal. You must seal the surface in order to prevent any further scratch onto your perfectly smooth granite countertop.

Cleaning the surface regularly

If you want to keep the granite countertop clean, you should ensure that you’re keeping the surface always clean regularly. This will remove any dust protruding on the surface and will keep all the junk away from your granite countertop, and they look great!

Deep cleaning once a month

You must also clean the surface of the countertop with bleach or disinfectant once in a month. You should do it to destroy any possible source of germs and bacteria. This will add safety to your food when you’re preparing the food on your countertop. And you will have no doubt of the germs and bacteria that you have killed before.

Observing the surface to find out any broken area

You’ll be using the granite countertops very often, and you must ensure that they’re kept in perfect condition. This is why you should do regular checkups to see if any cracks appear on the countertops. If you don’t find any such cracks, you can be assured of the longevity of the countertop; else you must put quick cement to ensure that the crack doesn’t spread in the future.


Granite is an excellent countertop material that is highly durable. It requires low maintenance. This is eco-friendly and you can choose the countertop from a wide range of colors and designs. Granite countertops can be used as kitchen cabinet surfaces, kitchen island surfaces and many more – the uses are endless! These are harder than marble or quartz countertops. And it can last for centuries without showing any signs of wear or damage.

But if you’re to make them last for such a long time. You must take care of your granite countertops regularly. This will ensure that they’re clean and are regularly maintained for increased longevity.

We hope that our article has helped you in knowing more about the granite countertops. Write to us if you have any specific queries or suggestions regarding this article.

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