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Seed-production is a multibillion-dollar business. Seed companies usually produce and sell seeds of flowers, fruits, and vegetables to the amateur gardener. Seed companies use growing facilities and growing locations worldwide.

Territorial Seed Company is a US-based seed company. They sell vegetable seed, flower seed, and herb seed. Territorial Seed Company also offers vegetable plants; heirloom-open pollinated vegetable plants and seed, garden supplies and organics. They also have garden planners and growing guides.

About Territorial Seed Company

About Territorial Seed CompanyTerritorial Seed Company is a privately held organization. The company has complete possession by Tom and Julie Johns. They Acquired it in 1985 from its originator Steve Solomon. Tom and Julie have developed the business generously in the course of recent years. However, they have never strayed a long way from the first course set by Steve.

In 1987, Tom and Julie put resources into 44 acres of land for preliminary grounds at London Springs, south of Cottage Grove Lake. Every year the staffs develop and assesses a great many assortments for best taste, Northwest strength, and great germination. All the more as of late they started recovering old, most loved vegetable assortments now and then shelved by their seed providers. However, harvesting their exceptionally little item has been their greatest test.

In Lorane, they dried the bean cases on ground coverings and winnowed the seed from the cases by hand. At that point, they tried crushing tomatoes in a garden variety chipper-shredder and fluming the seeds out, like prospecting. In any case, seeds still keep their deep-rooted mysteries of survival. And Territorial’s seed saving systems range from natural fermentation to the most current processors. Today they grow around 20% of the seed they offer. Such as lettuces, tomatoes, cucumbers, and squash.

Territorial Seed catalog

In the fall of 1979, the first territorial seed catalog was written. Running a regional seed company mindfully implied filtering through a great many assortments. That is accessible from an overall market to locate the most elevated quality, best-adjusted ones. So Steve grew a genuine preliminary ground in both summer and winter. That comprises fundamentally of comparison plots. The garden had mud soil with not as much as a gallon of water per minute from the well.

Territorial Seed Company developed quickly indeed. And after a short time, 100,000 mail-order catalogs were in the market. In addition, a several thousand copies of Steve Solomon’s 1981 regular planting book ‘Growing Vegetables West of the Cascades’ were going out the entryway consistently. Back in came a few letters every day requesting answers to planting issues too.

London Spring Farms

london spring farmsLondon Spring Farms in the Territorial Seed Company’s research and plant production facility. It is in the small valley in the foothills of the Cascade mountain range hills.

It has an isolated 75 acres of land. There are tall firs and flanks by the perfectly clear Coast Fork River. The river goes through the valley, gives water system water to the homestead. And fills in as the headwaters of the Willamette River. At the height of roughly 900 feet, their last frost date regularly falls on May twelfth. And the principal frost around September fifteenth. In fact, London Spring Farms have a sensible developing season. However, the cool summer evening time temperatures make long. But, the sweltering season crops a challenge. Territory Seed will importantly perform well pretty much anyplace you need to grow a garden. Territory Seed Company trialed and assessed the majority of their seeds at their ranch. Just products that have demonstrated to flourish and yield the most astounding quality harvests will come into the market.

The mission statement of Territorial Seed Company

The motivation of Territorial Seed Company is to enhance individuals’ independence and freedom in farming. In fact, they want to empower gardeners to create a bounty of good tasting, straight from the garden nourishment, all over the year.

Products of the Territorial Seed Company

Territorial Seed Company sells vegetable seed, flower seed, and herb seed. In addition, Territorial Seed Company also offers vegetable plants; heirloom-open pollinated vegetable plants and seed. Besides, they offer garden supplies and organics too.

Vegetable seed

Territorial Seed Company sells the vegetable seed of artichokes & cardoon, asparagus seed & crowns, beans, beets, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery & celeriac. Furthermore, they sell Chinese Broccoli, Chinese cabbage, collards, corn, cover crops, cucumbers, edible grains, eggplant, fall and winter seed, gourds, gourmet greens. They sell horseradish root, kale, kohlrabi, leeks, lettuce, melons & watermelon, mustard, okra, onions, pac choi too. Besides, they also sell parsley, parsnips, peas, peppers, pumpkins, radishes, rhubarb, seed tape, mats and disks, shallot seed, spinach, sprouting seed, squash, Swiss chard, tomatillos & ground cherries, tomatoes, turnips & rutabagas.

Vegetable plants

Territorial Seed Company sells eggplant plants, grafted vegetable plants, kale plants, mushrooms, onion & leek plants, mushrooms, parsley plants, pepper plants, tomato plants, and wasabi plants.

Flower & herbs

Territorial Seed Company offers flower bulbs, flower plants, flower seeds, herb plants, and herb seeds.

Fruits & Vines

Territorial Seed Company sells fruit, plants, and ornamentals like apple, blackberry, blueberries, clematis, citrus. Moreover, they also sell fig, goji, hazelnuts, hops, huckleberry, jasmine plants, kiwi, olives, oxalis, passionflower, pawpaw, persimmon. In addition, they sell prickly flower, raspberries, strawberries, tayberry, tea plant, truffle tree.

Garlic & potatoes

Territorial Seed Company offers all garlic and shallots, elephant garlic, hardneck garlic, shallots, softneck garlic, oca, seed potatoes, sweet potatoes.


Garden supplies

Territorial Seed Company also sells garden supplies like beneficial insects, books, collection & gifts. In addition, they sell composting, gardener’s kitchen, greenhouses, labeling, indoor & outdoor greenhouse growing, natural fertilizer and amendments. Besides, they also sell natural insect and pest control, potting and seed starting, season extenders, soil testing tools.

Organic Seeds

Territorial Seed Company sells organic seeds of vegetable, fruit, and herbs.

Heirlooms/open pollinated

Territorial Seed Company offers heirlooms/open pollinated vegetable seed and plants.


Territorial Seed Company offers services like a garden planner, and they also sell catalogs and growing guides for the amateur gardeners.


Territorial Seed Company has dealers in all over the US. Besides, they have dealers in the states like Alaska, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, Ohio, Oregon, Virginia, Washington, Wyoming.

Some Other Heirloom Seed Companies

People grew Heirloom plants during the earlier periods of human history. These plants are an old cultivar of plant use for food. Gardeners and farmers produced and maintained it. In fact, the heirloom plant is particularly famous in the isolated or ethnic minority communities of the Western world.

There are some others heirloom seed companies like Territorial Seed Company.

  • Seed savers exchange
  • Kuasa Seed Society
  • Organic seed alliance
  • High Mowing organic seeds
  • Terra edibles
  • Salt spring seeds
  • The cottage gardener
  • Seeds of Victoria
  • Solana Seeds

On the whole, Territorial Seed Company delivers an enormous scope of seeds from exceptionally created F1 mixtures to open pollinated wild species. Numerous gardeners get a kick out of the chance to stick to old recognizable assortments. However, every year Territorial Seed Company creates new assortments for gardeners to attempt.

They have broad research facility to deliver plants with better hereditary materials. Because of this, that outcome in enhanced consistency and cultivating request. These enhanced characteristics may incorporate ailment obstruction, higher yields, predominate propensity and dynamic or new color. They frequently monitor these upgrades to shield them from coying by different makers.

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