Hot water bottle

Hot water bottles have become a common fixture in the households. You will find a hot water bottle in at grocery or drug stores. A hot water bottle is a container or bottle, typically made of rubber or comparative material that is loaded up with hot water and sealed with a stopper. Hot water bottles are utilized to give warmth and for the local application of heat to soothe pain and discomfort. It is a relatively safe, natural way to keep warm and eases aches or pains.

From the 16th-century hot water bottles has been used as bed warmers. Before the invention of rubber early hot water bags were made of zinc, copper, brass, glass, earthenware or wood. To prevent those hot water bottles from burning, they were wrapped in soft clothed bags.

Benefits and uses of hot water bottles

Benefits and uses of hot water bottleEverybody nowadays has a hot water bottle at home. If you don’t have one, then it is time that you get one for the benefits that this container has. The hot water bottles are really inexpensive and end up being a standout amongst the most helpful things, by easing pain and giving comfort and warmth. These containers can be utilized instead of heating pads and mitigate a wide range of pains including menstrual issues.

With hot water bottles, you can be free from the stress of shorting wires or puncturing the bottle, as it is very thick and you can carry it with you all over. You can push it inside your coat or even sleep on it with no stresses. The hot water bottles are made of fluffy polyester and don’t have any electromagnetic beams as created by heating pads. They are the most natural and the most ideal method for delivering heat.

  • A hot water bottle is beneficial for sore backs, stomach aches, and muscular tension.
  • Hot water bottle helps alleviate stress.
  • Hot water bag can be your warm, soothing companion to help you through a nasty bout with the flu.
  • A warm hot water bottle placed in the bed during cold winter storms can work as the perfect bed warmer.
  • If you feel the chills, the hot water bottle will keep you warm naturally.
  • Hot water bag will help you to get relief from any sports injury or sprain.
  • Hot water bottle on the abdomen brings pain relief and soothing comfort for menstrual cramps.
  • Place a hot water bottle in the sleeping bag and turn the chilly camping night into a warm event.
  • You can use hot water bottles as the car warmer just like the bed warmers.
  • Add cold water or ice in the hot water bottle, and it will work as cooler.

How to turn down the heat with the hot water bottle?

Turn down the heat with hot water bottleHot water bottles may be old fashioned, but it is warm. Nothing heats up the bed faster like hot water bottles. If you live in a place covered with snow and you don’t have a hot water bag at the foot of the bed, you should definitely reconsider about using one.

A hot water bottle can keep your feet even toastier. Hot water bottles are designed exactly for this purpose.

On an average winter night, just fill the bottle with mild hot tap water. But if it’s going to be one of those bone-chilling, snowy nights, you should heat up some water before filling the bottle with it.

Put the hot water bottle underneath your blanket and turn down the heat from the bed. It may remain warm in the morning.

Buying tips

Hot water bottles are to contain extremely hot liquids. And furthermore, it will be in contact with human skin. It is along these lines absolutely imperative to ensure, primarily through standards and regulations, that the end and welding are steady enough to prevent burns, yet in addition to ensure that the hot water bottle’s synthetic parts are not hazardous for human wellbeing. Besides, it is important to confirm and guarantee that hot water bottles you buy are safe for you.

Users must take notes about some of the facts while buying hot water bottles.

  • The main component of a hot water bottle the PVC and rubber must meet the safety standard.
  • Hot water bottles made by PVC last longer than rubber.
  • The hot water bottle with a large opening can reduce the risk of water spilling while filling it.

Problems with the hot water bottle

There have been issues with premature failure of rubber hot water bottles because of faulty manufacture. The rubber may fail quality or strength tests. Or it may wind up weak if fabricating isn’t right. Normal rubber contains calcium carbonate. It is the most well-known material in it. Yet is helpless to oxidation and polymer corruption at the high temperatures using to mold the product. Despite the fact that the fragile splits may not be visible externally, the bottle may crack all of a sudden in the wake of loading up with heated water and can burn the user.

One should not use boiling water in hot water bottles. Because of this, the rubber may debase from the high-temperature water. And there is also a danger of injury if any breakage occurs.

Safety checklist

Safety checklistHot water bottles not only give you warmth, comfort, and relief from aches and pains but also can cause serious burns. Every year many people around the world come to hospitals because of serious burns injury. Hot water bottles are the culprits for those injuries. These injuries can be deep and painful and can become infected. These burns may require long hospital treatment, including skin grafts, and often result in permanent scarring.

If you hold a hot water bottle on one part of your body for more than 15 minutes, it may cause severe burns. This will occur slowly. When you feel the pain of this type of burn, the damage already has left its mark. Fortunately, there are dos and don’ts you can follow to minimize the risk of burns from hot water bottles.


  • To prevent contact burns always use a cover or wrap a towel around the hot water bottle.
  • Before getting into the bed remove the hot water bottle and empty it.
  • Remove the stopper from the hot water bottle and attach it to the neck with string.
  • Try to hang the empty hot water bottle upside down so that it will empty completely and dry out.


  • Do not use hot water bottles where babies or children may come into contact with them.
  • You should not use a damaged hot water bottle.
  • Do not use a hot water bottle in a bed fitted with an electric blanket.
  • Do not lean on, roll on, press against or lie on a hot water bottle.
  • Never place a hot water bottle in a microwave or ordinary oven.
  • Do not store the hot water bottle with water in it.
  • Do not store it where it may come into contact with sunlight, household chemicals or grease.

Filling safely

  • Before utilizing a hot water bottle, check it for splits, cracks, fragility, breaks and other damages.
  • Heat the water in a pot utilizing cool tap water. Try not to fill the bottle with water from the hot tape. It can make the rubber perish.
  • Do not use boiling water to fill the hot water bottle.
  • Hold the hot water bottle in the upright position over the sink and far from your body when filling it.
  • Pour water into the bottle gradually until the hot water bag is two-thirds full.
  • Squeeze out excess air from the hot water bottle before closing it.

Impact of the hot water bottle in the environment

Hot water bottle itself not a threat or pose any adverse effect on the environment. But its component may. The rubber or the PVC of the disposed of hot water bottle may cause serious effect on the environments. Read the user manual carefully before the disposal of damaged hot water bottles.

Recent researches also showed that exposing those hot water bottles to boiling water may release harmful chemicals fifty-five times faster than normal. While buying makes sure that your hot water bottle meets the safety standards and the components are free of any harmful chemicals.

Hot water bottles also come in smaller versions for the smaller parts of the body. They ease stiffness and pain. You can use them as a cool pack to decrease the swelling. You can fill the hot water bottle with some water and keep it in the refrigerator. It frames a chilly pack that you can use for decreasing the swelling. The hot water bottles come in various hues and styles and, you can pick as your choice. In this way, get your hot water bottle today and take advantage every one of the utilization that the container has.

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