How Many Calories Does Skateboarding Burn

Are you looking for a thrilling exercise? An exercise that is more fascinating than walking and jogging? Consider skateboarding. It is not an exhaustive exercise like weightlifting that can burn tons of calories. But, it is an amazing low impact exercise that works on several parts of your body. Skateboarding improves one’s flexibility, agility, and greatly enhances his body balance. However, since skateboarding like riding  an electric skateboard is a less strenuous workout, many people are skeptical about whether this exercise also burns calories and helps people to shed weight? In this article, we will try to clear peoples’ doubts.

Why is skateboarding good exercise?

Skateboarding is an amazing exercise both physically and mentally. While you are skateboarding, your mind is completely engrossed with the exercise. This allows you to forget everything except you and your skateboard. Your mind turns blank from stress-causing sources like your workplace or family. No exercise is as captivating as skateboarding.

So, mentally skateboarding is a great exercise. But what about physically? Skateboarding greatly enhances core strength and flexibility. Skateboarding is an effective exercise because of the below reasons

  • Except for arms, it offers a full-body workout.
  • Improves your precision and coordination
  • Make it easier participating in other sports like surfing and snowboarding.
  • It helps you to learn falling technique. Learning to fall may help you from slipping and tumbling in real life.
  • Learning a trick requires immense patience. So, skateboarding greatly boosts your patience.

Does skateboarding is effective to lose belly fat?

Belly fat makes you look ugly. However, you may feel ok with your ugliness and don’t care with other people’s slant comments about your body figure, but tummy fat is seriously harmful to your health. This type of fat, what health experts called visceral fat causes other diseases like type 2 diabetes and heart diseases.

Since skateboarding is a whole-body workout, it will burn calories and eventually helps to loosen the belly fat. Now the question is how many calories the skating will burn? It depends on how skillful a skateboarder you are and how much time you spend each day in skateboarding? Don’t expect that you started skateboarding recently  spend half an hour cruising around your neighborhood and observe that your belly becomes flatter.

Another important factor that affects your extent of calorie burning is the wheels and the bearings of the skateboard. These two parts decide how much or how few calories you will burn.

Hard wheels and bad bearings will make skateboarding difficult which may result in an immediate postponement of the exercise. Soft wheels and small bearings on, the other hand, will make skateboarding simple but you will lose less energy and thus burn fewer calories, which is undesirable too.

Riding a longboard is also less strenuous and thus less energetic exercise. It is because longboards use large soft wheels. In this regard, a normal skateboard uses smaller and harder wheels which force you to apply more energy, burn more calories and thus more beneficial for your health.

Skateboarding is not a continuous exercise like running. When you hit the streets of a skatepark, the adrenaline glands start to pump the hormone adrenal vigorously causing you to start an intense skating session. No need to make the session prolong. Take a break and then start skateboarding again.

When you skate a mini ramp, which is more demanding on your body, for example, you cannot continue this skating routine for more than 15 minutes. You will have a burning sensation in your feet, hearts pounding and finally, you will give up. Skateboarding for a long time makes people tired, preventing them from showing different tricks.

Do you know how many calories skateboarding burns?

The calories you burn during skateboarding is a measurable quantity. According to research conducted by Harvard medical school, people who weigh 125, 155 and 185 pounds will burn 300, 372 and 444 kilocalories, during a 1-hour skateboarding session.  Now, the research proves beyond doubt that skateboarding helps to burn calories. And, the authenticity of the research? It is experimented by no institution other than an ivy league university like Harvard. Yes, no doubt skateboarding is less strenuous and thus less effective than cycling or running. But it is a great fun way to burn calories.

The nature of exercise and the duration of it also decides how many calories you will burn. Depending on your weight, 5 hours of skateboarding each week will help you burn 1500 to 2200 calories.

A weight loss program is a holistic approach. It means exercise alone cannot help you lose weight. You also need to incorporate your diet and a couple of workout routines to make an effective weight loss program. And when it comes to diet, it is quite important to stop eating unhealthy food. It is of no use if someone exercises regularly but eats junk food.


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