How to Build an Inflatable Boat

Do you think that build something yourself and working with your hands could be much enjoyable than paying prices to the shopkeeper? Are you interested to travel in your own boat on the water? If so, gathering knowledge about how to build an inflatable boat might be very useful for you. This article might help you understand the whole process properly.

How to Build an Inflatable Boat?

It is somewhat a fine and enjoyable task for you to build your own inflatable boat. You don’t need to be genius in engineering and also no experience is needed to complete this task. You could easily convert your dream into reality through a proper guideline.

Before building a boat, you have to decide what type of boat you are going to build. You need to make plan on the size and shape of the boat and also think about the budget according to your design. However, the most important and main part of the inflatable boat is the floor. So, you should be careful about building the floor of the boat.

Required Materials:

  1. You will need a boat tube as per the size that you wish to make your boat.
  2. You will need cardboard or drop cloth and the length should be 9×12.
  3. There are numerous materials that could be used as rigid floor such as- PVC, marine-grade plywood, plywood. I think the best material is the normal plywood and the size should be 4×8feet.
  4. For protecting the wood from damage, you would need prime-sealer and non-slip paint for the floor.
  5. Foam tube and pipe insulators are needed to protect your boat.
  6. You could use jointing strips or strut channels but it is optional.

Required Tools:

  1. Jigsaw, circular saw
  2. Sandpaper
  3. Electric drill machine
  4. Paintbrush
  5. Clips
  6. Duct tape
  7. Marker
  8. Scissors

Building the Floor:

Step 1:

At first, you need to take the measurement of the floor and you could do this work by using a cardboard or a plastic drop cloth. Create the outline with a marker and cut the drop cloth or cardboard through a scissor.

Step 2:

Stretch out the drop cloth on the plywood and fix it using clips or tape. Mark the area on the plywood using your marker. Cut out the plywood according to your measurement. If you use the handsaw, it might risk the fingers. To avoid this danger, go to the hardware store, they would help you out.

The edges of your plywood should be smooth and nice to avoid splinters. Sanding process is needed here and you could use a sandpaper or an electric hand sander for this task.

To make sure that everything fits in your trunk, you need to split the plywood into 2-3 pieces. After that, you should add a hole so that you could work on the air pressure when needed. By measuring the location of the chamber valve, mark the end of the floor and make a suitable hole using the drill machine.

Step 3:

Wood is not friendly to water and it might rot out when it comes in touch with water. you need to make the floor waterproof to avoid this problem. Prime the wood using a waterproof primer and this would fill up the pores. Put a paintbrush and paint the wood nicely in such a way that it covers all the deep parts properly.

Step 4:

To make the wood floor softer, you need to carpet it. But keep this in mind that you are doing carpeting after the paint and the primer becomes dry completely. Firstly, lay the carpet on a plane surface and place your plywood on it. Mark the area and cut your carpet according to its shape.

After cutting the carpet, you have to attach it with the plywood. Grab a carpet glue and spread it over the wood floor through a putty knife. Attach the carpet slowly by pressing equally and ensure that there are no wrinkles or loose parts remain in the carpet. Let it dry for about a day.

Many people use stapler pin to attach it but I think this might cause damage. Because sooner or later, staple would come out of your plywood that might puncture the boat. Though it is simple to staple but could be dangerous. So it is better to avoid doing such things.

Step 5:

You have to fit the foam pipes around the boundaries of the wood floor. Because it would protect your boat from the floor wood. You just need to put glue inside your tube to set it and let it dry after attaching the tube.

After these steps all you have to do is attach everything with your boat tube. Let’s see what is the next step.

How to Inflate the Boat with The Floor?

Step 1:

Pump up your floor chamber.

Step 2:

Place your wood floor on the inflated floor by jointing the strips between the pieces.

Step 3:

Ensure that the tubes are swelling over your floor and wedge it between the side tube and air floor. Your inflated boat is ready to swim now.

After going through our guide, I think it would be easier to build an inflated boat for your own. You need to work carefully because a slight mistake might be dangerous for you that could even put your life in risk. Also, take good care of the boat and keep it clean to get years of service from it.

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