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Before demonizing plastic, do you ever think about how our life is dependent on this everyday material? We start and end our days with plastic products-tooth brush. When we go to a super shop where do we put our commodity? In Plastic bags, right? And when it is about hospitals? Without plastic products a hospital is unthinkable.

However, the ill effects of plastic products are also not so less devastating. Here are a few alarming facts regarding plastic that will discourage you greatly to use the material.

You may not aware that plastics manufacturers pose serious threats to the wildlife, environment, and people in general. One good example of it is Ineos, which is a British chemical industry giant. The company has 75 manufacturing facilities in 22 including in the USA.

The gigantic plastic company is responsible for making mountains plastic rubbish that often ended up in a landfill. The different plants of Ineos located in the different parts of the world have bad records explosions, fires, and chemical leaks. In 2008 in Cologne, Germany, one of the plants of Ineos, suffered a massive fire. The accidents also happened elsewhere. A major oil leak also happened in Norway in the subsequent year. The company also caused accidents in France, Belgium, and Italy wherein most of the cases the release of millions of tons of toxic gas damage the atmosphere unimaginably.

Besides industrial accidents that result from plastic production, the material has some other bad effects.

The material is a great threat to aquatic creatures particularly species living in the sea. People who go to sea beach for recreation left tons of plastic garbage thereof which many of them ended in the stomach of the sea animals causing them to die.

Seabirds and other marine animals are intentionally seeking out plastics and consuming them. Plastic materials are one type of chemical that is extremely harmful to aquatic lives.

The threat of plastic to the environment known to all. Like scientists pointed out that climate change is real and that may wipe out human civilization, it is an irrefutable fact that the nondestructive nature of plastic is another serious threat to nature like global warming.

So, what is the way out? One simple solution is reducing plastic consumption. Below are a few ways to reduce plastic consumption.

Recycle plastic bottles

Discarded plastic bottles constitute one of the major portions of the landfill. Every day the residents of the U.K consumed 35.8 million plastic bottles. Clear plastic bottles, toys, bottles for shampoos, yogurt cups, and reusable food plastic containers have a good chance of being recycled. On the other hand, coffee cups, disposable cutlery, and coffee cup lids cannot be recycled effectively.

Since hundreds of thousands of tons of discarded plastic bottles make irreversible damage to soil; green activists and environment loving people have immense pressure on retailers and fashion brands to manufacture recycled clothing products where used plastic bottles will be the primary raw materials.

One-piece good news is the top world-class sportswear manufacturer NIKE feels the importance of saving environment and climate started to make good use of recycled plastic in a great way. When these bottles will be removed from the landfill somehow, their detrimental effect on the soil and environment will also lessen drastically.

Use reusable shopping bags

Lessen your habit of using plastic bags to carry groceries. Instead, use backpacks or bags made of cloth.

Relinquish bottled water

There are perhaps millions or more plastic bottled water. We just need to lessen the use of bottled water. Find an alternative like  Get a reusable stainless steel bottle to carry water.

Reduce drinking habit of sodas, juices, and other plastic-bottled beverages

If you decided to eat fresh fruit instead of buying juice; this eliminates the need for all disposable bottles — glass as well as plastic.

Reduce your appetite for frozen foods

Frozen foods are packed in plastic. In addition, frozen food trays that seem to be made of cardboard are lined with plastic. The more we lessen our appetite for frozen foods, the less plastic waste we’ll generate and the healthier we will be.

Do your shopping at the local farmers market

Farmers’ markets are a great place to buy fresh, local produce without plastic.

Usually, the vegetables and fruits at growers markets don’t have plastic stickers on agri-products. And for small fruits like berries and cherry tomatoes, carry them using your own bag or container.

Bring your personal container to carry prepared foods and meats.

Meat is a different type of food. Carrying it in a plastic bag is not safe since there is a chance of the development of mal-odor and decaying. So, it is a good idea to bring your personal container to carry meat to your freezer.

Purchase milk which is stored in a returnable glass bottle

Many areas have local dairies that provide milk in returnable glass bottles rather than plastic or plastic-coated cardboard. So, buy milk from such stores.

Buy unwrapped cheese

In a super shop market, you will find some cheese that is not wrapped in plastic bags. These cheeses are hard to find. But if you spend some time to search, you will get them certainly.

Find chewing gums that are plastic-free

You may not aware that almost all chewing gum is made of plastic.

Did you know? That’s right. When you’re chewing gum, you’re chewing on. So, when you are chewing gum, you are basically chewing plastic. However, plastic-free chewing gum options do exist and you need to find them online to avoid chewing plastic. Chewing plastic may be detrimental to health.

Wash clothes with DIY homemade laundry soap and stain removers.

Look for soap nuts in plastic-free packaging.


Like global warming, deforestation, and greenhouse gases the rampant use of plastic is another great threat to the earth. Plastic is endangering wildlife, air, human beings and climate as a whole. If you cannot cut down our plastic consumption, the future of our generation is bleak.

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