How to Replace a Bathtub Faucet

Your bathtub faucet has handles and valves that help control the flow and temperature of water. Sometimes, problems related to using your faucets come from these components. Moreover, you may face some kind of plumbing catastrophe or leaking problems because of the bath taps.

This is the reason you need to know the best way to get rid of these problems. Wondering what’s the way? Well, it is changing the bathtub faucet or replace it as early as you can. Here we will show you how to go about that and save on your plumbing costs.

How to Replace a Bathtub Faucet?

Replacing the old and broken bathtub faucet isn’t much difficult and you don’t need special plumbing tools or skills for replacing it. It is not so expensive process because it’s a pretty simple method. You need to apply the same process for one handle faucet and double handle faucet. This article helps you to understand the process clearly.

Tools required

  1. Tube cutter
  2. Caulk gun
  3. Screwdriver
  4. Adjustable wrench
  5. Internal pipe wrench
  6. pliers

Materials required

  1. Silicone caulk
  2. Nipples
  3. Spout
  4. Thread tape

Steps to Removing a Bathtub Faucet

  1. discontinuation of the water supply

To remove your broken or old bathtub faucet is an easy task. At first, you need to turn off the supply of the water of your home for not causing a mess. Before going to the next step you must drain the excess water.

  1. Finding the faucet screw

Generally, you will find the screw of the tub faucet beneath the spout. To detach the spout, you will need the proper screwdriver. In most cases, there is a twist-off spout which doesn’t have a screw and it lessens your work. You have to twist it as clockwise that loosen the attach area. After this is done, remove it.

  1. Removing Escutcheon plate

The escutcheon plate is connected on by way of the screw and caulking is used sometimes. You will need a star or flathead according to the screw to twist out. But if the plate is connected with caulking, you have to cut the layer of the caulk carefully and lift it. then, you could see the cartridge. It is better to use the plastic cutter to avoid the risk of scratching.

  1. Pulling away the cartridge

You will need a couple of pliers when pulling the cartridge away. Use the pliers on the nut to get your cartridge free. Give a tug after unscrewing it. keep the brass screw in a safe place because the new one may be is lacking one. It might help you to find the right side of the cartridge.

Steps to Replacing the Bathtub Faucet

  1. Inserting the new cartridge

You need to keep it in your mind that what kind of cartridge you previously had and if you should buy a new that is like the previous one.  The new cartridge includes washers and it is good if you get silicon grease or plumber’s grease for washers that makes your task easier than before. By exploding in the screw, your work starts. Grease the washer up and set that in. Ensure that the cartridge faces the similar way as the old one.

  1. Mounting the escutcheon

It is not so difficult task but this work should be done correctly. You must check the area if it is properly clean and dry or not. You have to apply the plumber gum to the backside of the plate. Place the plate on the shower arm, slide the escutcheon plate up opposed to the wall and at last press firmly. Wait for a few minutes and let the plate to set. Wipe away the excess gum that is left over may be from this procedure.

  1. Placing the tub faucet spout and handle

Firstly, place the tub faucet spout on the surface and fix it. there are holes in the top of the counter and place the handles there. Connect the cold and hot water valves hoses with the tub spout.

  1. Placing the shower head

Remove the old shower head and wrap a rag around the shower arm while you are screwing the shower head off. Put the new tape all over the place of the shower arm and take away the old one. Wrap it tightly and attach the fresh shower head by bending it as clockwise. Turn on the water to test if the flow of the water is right or wrong.


By understanding the type of the bathtub faucet, replacing or changing the bathtub faucet is not so difficult and you don’t have to call in the plumber. Every task is needed to be done with much care if you want to increase its longevity. So, you must be very careful when doing such task.

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