How To Start A Hedge Trimmer

A hedge trimmer is an equipment that is being used to mow bushes, hedgerows and shrubs. It helps to keep your garden tidy and pleasant. You can never experience easy gardening without a hedge trimmer. Especially, if you have an electric or gas hedge trimmer it will make things more easy and joyful. There are a lot of works to do at the garden such as watering the plants, trimming off low branches and mowing bushes to give it a beautiful shape.

There are many types of hedge trimmers such as manual hedge trimmer, electric hedge trimmer, gas hedge trimmer, a pole hedge trimmer and battery powered hedge trimmer. If you bought a hedge trimmer recently and don’t know how to use it then we are here at your rescue.

Using hedge trimmers is an obvious danger. They have sharp blades that should be handled carefully. Never use hedge trimmers on wet ground which might cause you to fall and hurt yourself with the blades.

I’ll write down how to start a hedge trimmer in a few steps below.

  1. Wear protective gloves, glasses, full sleeve thick t-shirt. This will protect you from cutting yourself with the sharp blades.
  2. Coat the trimmer blades with oil or lubricants. Hedge trimmer blades work as similar as scissors so you have to grease them with oil or lubricants before every use. spray oil on each side of the trimmer.
  3. Always keep the blade away from you. No matter how much protective gear you have on, remember how sharp a hedge blade is. keep your childrens and pets away from the garden while mowing and pruning.
  4. If you want to trim newer growth, go straight with the hedge trimmer. Use sawing action whenever the hedges are old and thick.
  5. If your hedge trimmer is an electric corded hedge trimmer then keep the cable cord on your shoulder. It should protect your cable from getting cut. These electric hedge trimmers are very tough to carry as you have to take care of the cable cord and make sure the cable is long enough to cover the whole garden. If it’s a gas trimmer, make sure if your trimmer is filled up with gas. Or if it’s a battery powered trimmer then refill your batteries.

Almost every type of hedge trimmers have the same steps to follow to start it. Here I will write on how to start a hedge trimmer.

Electric Hedge Trimmer: Electric hedge trimmers have extension cord which supplies power to the hedge trimmer by plugging it with electricity. Remove the protective shield from blades. plug the extension cord in the electric board. Depress the finger trigger and squeeze the hand grip. You will find the hand grip at the front of the hedge trimmer. You are all set to spruning. Just be careful with the extension cord.

Gas Hedge Trimmer: If your hedge trimmer runs in gas then fill up your hedge trimmer with it. Remove the protective shield. Place the hedge trimmer on a flat surface. Turn the power on. Put the cold procedure in the RUN position. Keep your right hand on front guard and hold it tight. Now pull the handle with your left hand. You might have to pull the handle a couple of times for it to start. Now as your hedge trimmer is started, you can start pruning or mowing.

Battery powered Hedge Trimmer: Battery powered hedge trimmers are very easy to use.

They come in small, big all sizes. They don’t need extension cord so it’s safer to use. They have on and off buttons which have to be positioned as on. Then there’s hand grip at the front or back you have to squeeze them to start the hedge trimmer. Make sure you charge the batteries well before you start trimming.

There are many types of hedge trimmers and they also come in different brands and models. They might use different ways to start a hedge trimmer. If your hedge trimmers are different then go through the manual book you get with the trimmer.

Always make sure you remove extension cords, batteries from the hedge trimmer once trimming is done. This will keep your children and pets safe.

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