The world’s drowning in ever-growing piles of garbage that we’re all aware of. A 2016 study reported that over 480 billion plastic water bottles were used all over the globe in that year alone while about 2 million poly bags were used in every 60 seconds!

These are some alarming numbers that might make any responsible citizen worry about our future. Although we might argue who is really responsible for this trash crisis, every single consumer from every corner of the world can play a vital role in solving this crisis by intentionally consuming less.

What is the Zero-Waste Movement?

This movement conforms to this exact ideology – deliberately consuming less, reusing what one already has, and finding alternatives to single use items that are spread all over the world – even in the deepest part of the ocean. Yes, it is almost impossible to strictly follow this idea (e.g. we can’t live without plastic products), but we can change our everyday behaviors to live more sustainably and make the world a better place.

Who are Intentionally Sustainable?

Intentionally Sustainable is a NZ-based e-commerce store with an aim to reduce the use of single use products by promoting quality and sustainable items. They are eager to take part in solving the plastic waste crisis with certain simple and easy starting ways that any individual can follow. These steps are carefully crafted to encourage one to live less out of habit and more out of intent.

What Types of Sustainable Products Are Available?

Intentionally Sustainable has a range of sustainable products that they would like people to buy only if they really believe in this philosophy. This range includes bamboo made products like toothbrush, flask, travel case, travel cutlery set; and stainless steel items like Nespresso coffee tamper, coffee pod, straw, and tea strainer.

Their reusable products range also includes travel cutlery set, wooden pen, silicone wrap, laundry and washing bag, pocket cutlery, razor, and so on. In fact, the Collection section in their platform will take you to a myriad of such broader categories as Super Starter Kits, Conscious Coffee, In The Bathroom, In The Kitchen, Around Home, Stainless Pegs, Out & About, Eco-Clean, Food Saver Series, Premium Razors, and For The Ladies.

Intentionally Sustainable also has a “Bonus Buy Deals” section that can help save one money while taking part in this great cause.

Do They Drop Ship?

This is a question that the Intentionally Sustainable team often comes across. The answer to this question is a direct NO because this process is opposite to what they really believe in. To be exact, in drop shipping, small parcels are shipped around the world from China and their packaging often contains too much plastic that leaves behind a large carbon footprint. So, it’s natural that Intentionally Sustainable is against any idea or method that’s detrimental to the environment.

Intentionally Sustainable usually buys eco friendly products in large quantities with minimal packaging. Not only do they try to avoid excess packaging, but they also prefer eco friendly packaging that they arrange to do themselves in Mount Maunganui. The process involves checking every delivery carefully for quality control as soon as the stock arrives.

They have teamed up with reliable suppliers that try to maintain the highest product quality possible with a minimum amount of packing and waste. In fact, their certified business partners are also eco-conscious and they specialize in their own industry.

Why Does Their Platform Have No Personal Information?

If you go through the official website of Intentionally Sustainable, you might notice that it has no “About Us” page that generally introduces the team to the audience. Well, the founder has intentionally made that page absent because they are not much interested in applying the modern marketing and business practices that are often unethical with the sole intention of making as much money as possible.  

However, the founder is a human being after all and they will communicate with the audience if needed.  They just want to communicate as an individual, no as a brand.

To sum up, Intentionally Sustainable is on a mission to reduce the use of single use items by promoting sustainable and eco friendly products in order to help save the environment from plastic pollution. If you are one of those who is aware of the the importance of green living, you will surely appreciate what they do.


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