liquid organic fertilizers for viable agriculture

The agriculture sector is changing, with many farmers seeking to adopt more sustainable practices. To facilitate this, organic farming is rapidly becoming popular with many farmers adopting eco-friendly applications such as the use of organic liquid fertilizers as opposed to synthetic fertilizers. Utilizing liquid organic fertilizers to drench the soil and feed foliage is an ideal way of supplying fast developing plants such as vegetables instant nutrients when they need them.

Various experts opine that misapplication of synthetic fertilizers exposes people to numerous health complications. Further, these fertilizers have been blamed for the continued degradation of the environment. Today, agriculture liquid fertilizer is used in various parts of the world. Organic agriculture is the process of managing soil naturally through the following applications.

  • Animal manure
  • Utilization of soil organic matter
  • Composts
  • Tilled or mowed over crops

Once these organic components are added to soil, they break down and release nutrients on crops which in turn sustains the soil. The organic matter enhances the soil’s physical and chemical properties. Further, organic fertilizers enhance the biological operation of the soil to generate nutritious and clean crops which are free from toxic chemicals.

Why is Organic Liquid Fertilizer Viable?

Organic fertilizer is produced from naturally occurring products such as animal and plant manure. If you keep cows, goats, chicken, and even rabbits, you can utilize their droppings to produce organic fertilizer which experts say is not only eco-friendly but also provides nourishes both your soil and plants.

Animal and plant waste is always available which makes it a viable option for farmers seeking to produce their own organic liquid fertilizer. If you rear fish, you can utilize old pond water as fertilizer for your seedlings. Studies suggest that organic liquid fish fertilizer is ideal for maltreated plants and house potted plants.

When is the Best time to Utilize Organic Liquid Fertilizer?

According to experts, liquid fertilizers are fast acting compared to solid organic fertilizers. You can utilize them on;

  • Seedlings showing signs of withering.
  • Container or indoor grown plants. Remember, container grown plants require special care, enough moisture, and sufficient nutrients to thrive.
  • Seedlings showing signs of color fading.
  • Organic liquid fertilizers are easy and convenient to use compared to their solid counterparts.
  • Cold tolerant plants planted in low soil temperatures. Liquid fertilizers are ideal when it comes to nourishing these types of plants especially because plants may not absorb some nutrients such as nitrogen during cold temperatures.

Final Thoughts

Avoid mixing fertilizers that contain excess nitrogen to the soil since it can cause irreversible damage. As nitrogen is released into the soil, the soil temperature is bound to rise and while this can give you huge plants, they will be less productive. Apply organic liquid fertilizers on your plants just when necessary. This prevents you from over applying your fertilizers. Use organic liquid fertilizer to enhance the appearance of your plants such as indoor plants and the plants in your kitchen garden. Studies suggest that using liquid organic fertilizers not only helps rejuvenate tomatoes, they also keep pests at bay.

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