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You know you cannot change the climate for the better all by yourself. But if you make some individual contribution, and many other follow the way, positive things could happen. Trying to reduce your carbon footprint can be a very good start because by doing this, you can rest assured that you’re doing some good to the environment. So, I’m going to discuss 10 ways that you can follow to do this and pay some of your debt to the nature.

Calculate Carbon Footprints and Buy Offsets Accordingly

Maybe, you don’t know the amount of footprints you’re adding each day. It’s easy to learn the calculation. So, do some homework to learn it. Then, purchase the corresponding amount of offsets. Let me be clear about that. A carbon offset if you buy one, the paid money goes directly to an activity or project that works to reduce GHGs (greenhouse gases) occurred already. You need not be an exemplary contributor. Just do as much you owe to the environment and the mankind.

Use Geothermal Energy

This natural source of clean energy exploits the heat that exists underground and has been left over from molten rocks (the resources that contributed to the formation of Earth). Extraction of the energy requires no burning or incineration of coal, gas, oil, or other fossil fuels.

Fields that produce the energy are responsible for producing only a small amount of carbon dioxide, which can be one-sixth of what a standard power plant that uses clean natural gas produces. It’s evident that binary plants are not responsible for any emission.

But, why should we rely on it? Did you know that world’s underground reservoirs contain hot water and steam which can be tapped for generating heat or electricity? This way, we can heat or cool our living spaces buildings without adding more carbon footprints.

Buy Only Energy-Efficient Items

If you’re planning on getting some home appliances, please look for the ones that come with energy-efficiency approvals/ratings. For those with a lot of appliances already, it’s good to adopt the practice of using the new sets of items. It’s okay if you want to go one by one. You can make a big difference by changing your existing cooling/heating system. Also, you may get a programmable thermostat and adjust it consciously.

Rely on Recycling Things

In 2014, EPA says the United States make around 258 million tons of disposable matters and trash each year, and 169 million tons of them are either dumped in landfills or destroyed through incinerators.

The same year, the country recycled 89 million tons of waste (solid and collected from municipals) and composted. The amount of energy produced this way provided for the energy demands of 25 millions of homes. So, how do you proceed?

  • Recycle plastic containers (only the permitted ones).
  • Recycle paper, any kind of tin can, and steel.
  • Recycle any broken electronics.
  • Don’t throw away dry cell batteries as you can get them recycled from your municipality.
  • Think about recyclability of anything that you’re about to throw away.

Reduce daily energy use

If you can reduce the daily amount of energy used for your household purposes even by a small bit, it may add up to a large amount after a year. Just follow the simple tips below.

  • Start using LED lightbulbs.
  • Unplug electronics that you won’t use now.
  • Use the right insulation and bring quality weather-stripping materials for your doors, windows, etc.
  • Keep your cooling and heating ducts properly sealed.
  • Adopt the ‘zero-volt’ practice.

 Embrace the New Era of Energy Uses: Solar and Wind

Studies have found that the recent inclination to renewable sources of energy like solar and wind is a positive step, and it has more good impacts than the bad ones. Plants that rely on solar or wind leaves only a small amount of carbon footprint. Take a look at this additional renewable energy information.

Although the initial cost of this adoption may seem high, you can always get help from the federal government once you’ve informed them of your intention and concerns about the methods.

Be Efficient in How You Use Vehicles

Drive/Use vehicles that emit a low amount of carbon. Avoid unnecessary accelerations of vehicles and take air travels just as many times needed. Also, avoid private jets and useless outing sessions (if that’s not very important to you).

Three Additional Ways to Reduce Carbon Footprints

The above ways are critical to your daily life. Follow them, you can become a good contributor. Here’re some more ways to get rid of carbon footprints as much as possible.

  1. Rely on organic food making cutbacks on beef and dairy. Buy fresh, local produces daily.
  2. Use water with consciousness about the environment. Try to get water-efficient systems.
  3. Support those (people and organizations) working to make the world’s climate safe.

In fine, you should spread the words of environmental wellbeing and a concern for a better climate amongst your acquaintances so that the groups of eco-friendly people keep expanding. Remember, the world isn’t going to benefit from things we do if they aren’t the result of our united efforts.

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