Sun tea

As the name suggests, sun tea is a tea which is made with the help of the sun. Typically, all the ingredients are put together and then the kettle or the jar is put on the sun to absorb the heat. It typically takes longer to make, sometimes over 4 hours or so. Many people believe that sun tea has more health value where others prefer it for its intense flavor.

Sun tea have faced controversy and negative remarks from the critique at some point. Many fear that those active hours in the sun might cause bacteria to spread. But, it has been debunked and the sun tea stays fresh for up to 24 hours. The intense taste and the earthy feel of the sun tea continue to entice its drinkers.

So, if you want to get into the action or just want to educate yourself more on the whole deal, this article is for you. We have elaborated everything that one needs to know about the consumptions of sun tea. So, without further ado, let’s jump to the main course.

Origin of Sun Tea

People speculate that the use of sun tea has been around for nearly 3000 years. Ancient China emperors were particularly fond of the sun tea. Then Native American people attributed more to the development of this healthy drink. They experimented with different tea leaves and different spices and thus the sun tea came into existence.

The idea of sun tea has changed a lot over the years. People started adding different mix and using different jars to speed up the process. But, it is believed that the key technique is the same as is the taste of the tea. It has been a fairly common drink or sometimes treated as an herbal medicine drink in almost all part of America and South East Asia.

Components of Sun Tea

Before consuming the tea, you need to know the particular chemistry of the tea and what it actually contains. So, here is a list of things that your sun tea might have when you are drinking it.

  • It contains six different versions of polyphenols which makes up the slightly acidic flavor of the tea.
  • A high dose of catechins can also be found when you are consuming the tea. It has a very rectified level of catechins. About half of the whole flavor of the sun tea is made of it.
  • It has a low level of caffeine. The level of caffeine in your tea largely depends on the type of tea leaves that you are using.
  • It also contains citric acid and fructose depending on the amount of lime and sugar put into the sun tea.
  • It has theogallin in a considerate level and it may develop different types of micro-orbs depending on the time is spent on the sun.

Different Versions of Sun Tea

There are different versions of the sun tea that you can try. Each of these is prepared in the same way but have their own twist in the addition of different items. Let’s have a look at the top items


This is an Indian herb famous for treating cough problems. You can add tulsi in the mix and it will give an automatic twist to the tea. It will make the flavors bolder and give you a glimpse of freshness.


Lemon is a commonly used item with the sun tea. You should slice the lemon into thin pieces then put that inside the jar with the tea. It will increase the citric flavor of the tea and it also makes the tea lasts longer than usual.


When you are looking for a refreshing mug of sun tea, you should add some mint leaves in the mix. Mint makes the whole brewing more aromatic and makes for the finest cup of tea. You can even add the mint afterward after slightly squashing the mint leaves.


Ginger is also another great addition to the mix. More than flavor, ginger has pretty high health value which makes it so desirable. Ginger can also help the users to get rid of a cough or a headache as well.

Mix Herbs

You can put together a bunch of mix herbs to make the sun tea. Cinnamon, bay leaves and cloves can be good options. You can also experiment with different herbs. Sun tea basically tastes good with all kind of herbs.

How to Make Sun Tea?

Making sun tea require special attention and a gentle hand. Follow our instructions to find out how you can make a glorious cup of sun tea.

Step 1

First, you need to put about 6 tea bags into a jar. Make sure to get the tea bags according to your flavor choice to set the mode. Fill the jar with fresh water. You can somewhat warm the water if you want the process to be a bit faster. Then close the lid.

Step 2

Put the jar in a place outside which have enough sunlight. Make sure that the place gets sunlight throughout the day as the sun rotates. Check to see if your tea has the desired level of color or not. Keep longer if you want deeper and stronger flavors.

Step 3

You must now take the jar out of the sunlight and keep it resting in the shade for about 10 minutes. After that, you can put your jar inside the fridge to chill. Remember not to take out the tea bags yet. The tea bags boost its flavors furthermore when they are inside the fridge.

Step 4

Take the jar out of the fridge and take off the lid. You need to inspect whether there are any micro-orbs formed in the upper layer. Use a filter if that is the case. Now, pour it into a glass and drink it. You can add additional ice into the mix if you want the finer taste or icier feel. Or, you can simply enjoy it as it is.

Benefits of Having Sun Tea

There is a reason why people have stuck with tea for so many years. It is because it has so much health and nutritional value. It cleanses your inner soul and refreshes you. So, here are the benefits that will motivate you to drink more and more sun tea

A Cup Full Of Anti oxides

A cup of sun tea will keep you young and strong by providing you with enough anti-oxidants. It is believed that the sun tea helps the skin to battle against pollution.

Mild Version of Coffee

Although coffee is good to keep you fresh and awake, it has some certain bad effects as well. That is why you need tea by your side. It performs similarly but it is more mild than coffee. Sun tea will keep you fresh while keeping you safe from extra caffeine at the same time.

Reduces the Rate of Heart-Related Disease

It is proven that a regular and controlled level of tea will help you to fight against heart-related diseases. It prevents from sudden strokes and heart attack. This can be achieved when you regulate your intake of tea and go for the fresh branches.

Monitor and Control Healthy Weight

Sun tea can be made specifically to tackle weight problems. There are certain ways through which you can make the tea. It will target your muscle and burn out all the fat. It is a very easy and effective way of losing all that weight.

Help Bone Structure and Flexibility

Regulated intake of warm tea can help to strengthen your bones. It makes your more flexible and agile so you feel less stress when you try to move your muscles and your bones. It is very effective to keep you running.

Improves Teeth and Gum Condition

You can get a more fresh and germ-free gum and teeth with the help of the sun tea. It activates minty freshness inside your gums so that you can get a healthy gum. It also takes care of the bad breaths.

Accelerated Immune System

Sun tea has an increased capability to accelerate your immune system. With the help of the sun tea, you will be able to have a faster immune system. This will protect you from easily tempered bacteria.

It Helps You to Relax

It is so secret that tea is one of the best drink to have when you just want to sit down and relax. Tea soothes your soul and eases your muscles. So, you are able to better relax after a good cup of freshly made sun tea.

Improve the Digestive Functions

Tea helps you with your bad tummy. Whenever you are having some bowel problems, try a cup of sun tea. It will help you with your digestive system and make you ease from the pain. It is known to have a higher value to help our overall digestive system.

Low Calories but More Energy

The bad thing about coffee is that, although it keeps you awake and energetic, it gives you a burden of a certain amount of calories. But, you do not need to worry about that when you are drinking sun tea.

Dangers of Drinking Sun Tea

dangerousAlthough sun tea is filled with good implications for health, many believe that there is some downside to this as well. So, let’s have a look at the most talked about issues of the sun tea

Bacteria Build Up

Many fear that long hours in the sun cause the sun tea to build up a lot of bacteria. These bacteria get denser as soon as the heat starts to rise. This can be a major issue as not all of them are good bacteria. As a result, the drinker of this sun tea might fall ill.

Inconsistent Taste

Because you cannot control the heat of the sun, the taste of the tea might vary. You might get very strong tea in two hours one day, and you might get very light flavors in the next. So, the inconsistency in the taste can be a serious problem.

Risky Storing

You cannot store or keep sun tea for more than a day. If you freeze it then you can drink it for two days but that’s it. The type of bacteria found in the sun tea grows stronger and more activated as the time passes. So, you will definitely become severely sick if you are not cautious about what you are drinking.

Good Alternative of Sun Tea

alternativeIf you want the same benefits as the sun tea but are not completely sure of its safety then you can check out these alternatives. These will give you a somewhat similar output as the sun tea.

Black Tea

If you want the effect of the sun tea in a stronger version then you can try out the black tea. Although it contains more caffeine, it is very good at losing weight and keeping your immune system strong.

Dark Oolong Tea

Dark oolong tea is an herbal tea that can help you relax your muscle. You can make two versions of this tea and add specific spices. It is good at giving you a more fresh feeling.

Green Oolong Tea

It is the most similar to the sun tea. You can enjoy this tea instantly and making it is also very easy. You might not always like the taste. But, it does help to boost up your overall immune system.


If you follow the instruction correctly and check out for the bacteria then sun tea can be a delight for your body. It not only helps to stay calmer but also helps your immune system and give you a great taste. People are typically fond of its intense flavors and great aroma. Frankly, the sun tea has a certain level of loyalty feel about it. So, do not hesitate to drink this tea if you want to avail all those health benefits for yourself.

conclusionThat’s all from us. Be sure to get in touch with us if you still have further queries about the sun tea. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

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